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The airport Dutch of Twente is has become in the first installation of tests European for the management of traffic based in vehicles air not manned, in which this provider of communications works to develop and test it in the vicinity of urban areas.


The Finnish multinational Nokia It will support the first testing facility in Europe dedicated to the use of unmanned management of traffic in smart cities. These facilities are located in the airport of Twente, in the vicinity of Enschede (Holland), allow to this company develop and perform tests of field of its system of management of traffic of vehicles air not manned UTM (UAV Traffic Management), for the use of drones in the vicinity of areas urban, people, etc..

For this, Nokia has signed a memorandum (Lot) the municipality of Enschede, the local administration of the province of Overijssel, Unmanned Systems Center B. In. and Area Development Twente, to make the design and the provision of it infrastructure to test and develop said system in the airport of Twente, with shows commercial and simulations of applications of the life real.


The solution UTM of Nokia will provide functionality of automation of flight and control of the areas in which not is allowed, as well as capabilities of operation without line of sight, It will be vital to safely operate the unmanned in densely populated cities and remote rural areas.

Nokia technology relies on its experience in the development of LTE and 5G and the functionality of the border of the MEC mobile network computing (Mobile Edge Computing), to ensure extremely low latency and high reliability required for the management of traffic of unmanned aerial vehicles.


The drones will be equipped with a Nokia modem UTM (consisting of an LTE modem, a GPS transceiver and other telemetry modules), in combination with the power of computing and processing of the AirFrame platform company, for monitoring the flight paths and airspace.

These systems can exchange the data of telemetry and establish of form dynamic them areas in which its flight not is allowed and thus ensure an operation safe near others users of the space air civil.

An application of the UTM solution from Nokia Smartphone, operating with the traffic management vehicles aerial unmanned interface, It will provide to the operators of drones flight permits, information of the areas in which your flight is not allowed, as well as on the standard local, all this in time real.


Also, the UTM platform from Nokia can be adapted to individual countries regulatory requirements, with the possibility of providing the basis for the global standardization of these systems.

During the inaugural session held in Space 53, the testing of the Twente airport area, visitors were able to see a wide range of demonstrations on the use of the unmanned in agricultural applications, in search and rescue activities, and of safety public and protection of the airports against them birds.


For Thorsten Robrecht, responsible of solutions of networks mobile advanced of Nokia, "the unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming a common tool in many industrial sectors, reinforcing the safety and inspection and maintenance activities, inter. It is critical that these vehicles operate in a safe way and without errors in complex environments of real-world. This requires much more than having an intelligent dron; you need a system of intelligent traffic that has been tested thoroughly and is fully developed control".

Far, Nokia is the only supplier of communications that is building at present this system, ensures this responsible, "and are working with the agencies regulatory to perform those procedures of standardization needed".

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By • 28 Sep, 2016
• Section: Case Studies, Communications, MAIN FOCUS, Studies, Networks, Urban Security, Services