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The City Council has selected Vitelsa's technological proposal for this centre that coordinates the operation of CCTV camera systems and traffic control. Monitoring that is carried out with the Broadview solution from a 5 Led videowall×2.

Vitelsa Seville Town Hall

Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain and the capital of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It has a population close to the 700.000 inhabitants and has the largest historic center in Spain and one of the three largest in europe, next to those of Venice and Genoa.

With the aim of improving the management of road traffic and crowds that occur during the numerous events held in the city, the City Council of Seville has selected Vitelsa's technological proposal for the launch of its new mobility management center, coordinating the operation of CCTV camera and traffic control systems distributed in the city.

Vitelsa Seville Town HallThis project designed by Vitelsa has envisaged the launch of a new control centre, where they are monitored in a large format Led video wall, in configuration of 5×2, and high resolution signals coming from different security devices and control software. It has been designed under operating parameters 24×7 in a high-demand environment and features a flexible and scalable architecture built on standardized technologies.

It also implements redundancy in its core components to ensure the high availability required by such an environment, offering high display quality thanks to the use of professional ultra-thin frame monitors.

Vitelsa Seville Town Hall

Xtream Broadview

As the technological core of this new centre, the Broadview solution of Xtream, Vitelsa Group company that has developed a comprehensive security management solution and has a presence in environments such as Madrid Barajas airport or the monitoring center of others 17 secondary airports in Spain.

Vitelsa Seville Town HallBroadview solution enables comprehensive management of security and protection systems (Security & Safety) in large-area environments and traffic, offering a centralized and global interface with all the information and alarms coming from different monitoring and control devices, making it easier for security managers to make decisions.

It is capable of managing security and control devices of different types, technologies and manufacturers, integrating them so that the operation is carried out under a single interface of operations, regardless of the physical and logical composition of the other systems, and based on open architectures such as IP and Onvif. Broadview is composed of several management modules, adapting its implementation to the needs of each project and facilitating the maintenance and updating of the systems.

Vitelsa Seville Town HallIn the particular case of this project, Broadview manages more than 100 signals from cameras and control systems on a large video wall 5×2, providing the operators of the centre with complete supervision of the main roads and semaphphoric crossings, in addition to a specific follow-up of events held on the streets of the city.

Thanks to this solution, in the new video wall you can view in high resolution the information coming from the different security and control systems, integrating devices of different technologies such as analogue or high definition IP. The system allows operators, in view of an incident, make an agile decision to monitor it, record or document it for further analysis, thus achieving greater operational efficiency.

Vitelsa Seville Town HallAdditionally, Broadview enables integrated management of graphical information provided by mobility management center computers, providing operators with real-time information on the state of traffic on major roads.

The implementation of this new system has been a major step forward in the modernization of the old facilities of the Traffic Control Center, offering more direct management, efficient and global cameras that exist in Seville and offer a real-time approach to Mobility issues.

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By • 27 May, 2016
• Section: Case studies, Data Center, Systems control, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Urban security, Video surveillance