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The Spanish manufacturer of public address and voice alarm evacuation, LDA Audio Tech, He has obtained the UNE EN 54-16, emitting entity Certiberia Solutions Europe, for NEO line.

LDA Audio Tech NEO

EN 54 is a standard, mandatory at European level, it is also being adopted in other international markets facto detection systems and fire alarm.

The Building Code stipulates that a detection system fire alarm voice alarm must be installed that meets the UNE EN 54-16 in the case of a hospital and public assembly buildings if occupancy exceeds 500 people.

LDA Audio Tech NEOThe certification Certiberia Europe Solutions He has awarded line voice alarm solutions for NEO evacuation Audio-Tech LDA UNE EN 54-16, which it is valid for one year and already held in 2014.

Compact, modular and economic, NEO LDA system provides audio-Tech Audio using protocols Cobranet, TCP / IP and Ethernet and can work as a system of professional audio and public address network, thanks to the flexibility already offered their ability to participate in other plant systems (intercom AV, IP telephony, digital signage systems ...) or part of a distributed network solution.

LDA Audio Tech NEONEO is himself a professional audio system with integrated DSP and outputs 24 bits per channel digital audio, thus to ensure audio quality in any area. This system is complemented by the LDA Adjust Dynamic Sound Technology, to dynamically adjust the sound volume so that the message can always be heard clearly and intelligibly.

The public address system and voice alarm LDA NEO 8060, not only complies with these regulations but it saves costs since it is an all in one system, compact and high performance features 8 Class D amplifiers, matriz de audio, events and audio programming over Ethernet among other functions.

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By • 2 Dec, 2015
• Section: Alarms, Detection