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The comprehensive security solution installed Tecisa in the city of Getafe includes both access control and TecVisit TecAccess. Control terminals installed in the corridors using electronic technology TecStation TecSmart and TecXpand. With TecPresence matters relating to the labor presence TecMonitor managed and is responsible for controlling all this infrastructure.

Getafe City Council

The City of Getafe It has installed a comprehensive security system to manage labor presence of public employees, as well as access and visits that occur in the 35 buildings that are part of the facilities of the session. Tecisa the company has been responsible for implementing these solutions, after the bidding tender.

Tecisa TecStation TecSmart TecXpandWith the new solution, you can centrally control access to all facilities, verify compliance with working hours and rest periods, plan and manage visits, and monitor, real-time, the environment inside the session and.

The new security measures to control access to the premises of the mayor include fingerprint biometric identification systems.

The visitors, meanwhile, these buildings will access through proximity cards generated after identification and scanning of ID cards and passports. Tecisa has also installed surveillance cameras and devices X-ray scanner to check bags and packages, ensuring security.

Tecisa, to be manufacturer and developer of its own products, It offers the advantage of being able to modify their hardware, software or firmware and adapt to customer needs and provide customized solutions. In this case, software which is used for access control has been TecAccess and for TecVisit visits. Control terminals installed in the corridors using electronic technology TecStation TecSmart and TecXpand.

Presence control

Tecisa TecStation in officeThrough the solution TecPresence labor issues are handled presence, whose control devices they will be used by 1.200 public employees.

This device allows to control the working hours and rest periods for workers, and to know, real-time, absences. The employees, meanwhile, They can consult their useful employment information, as schedules balances, and request vacation or excuse absences.

Tecisa TecStationThese devices can identify workers across multiple technologies: fingerprint, Proximity Cards, magnetic stripe, chip…

The presence check systems are controlled from TecMonitor, a platform developed by Tecisa implemented solutions to manage.

This software has a graphical user interface very easy to use and customizable, combining data, plans and images to make it more intuitive and effective.

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By • 25 Nov, 2015
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