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These SIM cards allow the use of mobile NFC as identification system in public transport, events or any access control.

GD triple SIMGiesecke & Devrient (G&D) It was the first manufacturer of SIM cards which has received certification for applications contactless secure Mifare Classic and Mifare4Mobile Version 2 with the development of the SkySIM CX Hercules card installation, remote management and implementation of services and applications without contact based on Mifare security standard to mobile network operators, security companies and system integrators or providers of ICT services.

This SIM developed by this German manufacturer allows users to store and execute on their devices, with total security, applications of electronic ticket for public transportation or to access to all types of events, or identify, for example, in a physical access control system.

Explains Andreas Morawietz, Director of marketing for G&(D) for the telecommunications sector, "integration technology Mifare standard NFC mobile technology allows end users benefit from a new level of security in your devices. On the other hand, the use of these standards allows you to standardize processes and interfaces to develop and implement, in shortest time, a greater variety of services. Customers benefit, also, of ease of use for, for example, buy a ticket from your phone or device NFC or identify itself to an access control, "and the user always retains control of all these transactions Mifare".

Matthias Poppel, CEO of secure mobility & retail of NXP Semiconductors, It notes that "Mifare is the number one product worldwide for contactless transportation tickets. With SkySIM CX Hercules g&D means of transport can now, first, easily integrate a mobile solution into their current systems without having to queue".

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By • 27 Jul, 2015
• Section: Access control, Control Systems, Equipment test