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Netgear Arlo cameras, It distributes Novelec, they do not need to be connected to a power supply. In addition to its WiFI capabilities, they incorporate motion sensors, night vision and IR-cut filters.

Novelec Netgear Arlo

Arlo It is an intelligent solution for video surveillance developed by NETGEAR, firm that it distributes Novelec, that it does not require AC power source and that is 100 by 100 WiFi. The images are displayed in high resolution (720p) and it gives the option to store in the cloud.

Arlo cameras are designed to install in small business and have been built with a waterproof case which protects them from the weather conditions (140th - 1200 °) so are suitable for installing outdoors. Also, they are equipped with night vision and motion sensor that allows that the machine starts operation when it detects any activity and be notified instantly in the mail or paired device.

To be devices that do not carry keys and magnetic assemblies can be installed anywhere and monitor business from all possible angles.

Novelec Netgear Arlo

With its resolution of 720 p, these cameras capture all the details in a field of view of 130 degrees, providing a great clarity and sharpness. Also, It is possible to see the videos live and already recorded from any device: computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

This video surveillance of Netgear solution integrates capabilities of 12 LEDs and IR cut filters, allowing you to watch and record in HD quality, even in the dark, without specifying additional lighting.

The minimum requirement for this solution is based on an intelligent station to manage the system and a camera. Also, There are product kits, where expands the number of cameras.

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By • 16 Jul, 2015
• Section: CCTV