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The Dorma German and the Swiss Kaba, specialized in professional access control and security solutions, they have announced their merger plans to form a new group called the Dorma+Kaba Group.

Kaba control access fingerprintThe merger agreement, in the absence of the relevant regulations, among the multinationals Dorma and Kaba It has been announced by its most responsible with the aim of creating a global business group - Dorma+Kaba Group- "specializing in solutions and services related to the security and control of accesses in facilities around the world".

The arguments for this merger is based on which products and services of both companies "are highly complementary and", with this fusion, We will be able to offer our customers a comprehensive competitive offering of a single vendor and position our global business as a leader in this industry", said Ulrich Graf, President of Kaba.

Both companies have extensive technological experience in the areas of security, access control and presence, systems of security doors and accessories.

Dorma Germany headquartersFor Hans Gummert, President of Dorma, "this merger puts us at the forefront of the industry worldwide. Not only we share more than a hundred years of business tradition and values, but strategy, channels of distribution that complement each other very well and service networks to make sales with a huge growth potential".

The new group will have in this way production facilities in all key areas of access and presence control industry, mainly in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

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By • 19 May, 2015
• Section: Access control, Business