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The crisis simulation conducted for the students of the School of SAMU emergency highlighted the capacity offered by drones to reach difficult places, the usefulness of thermal cameras in low visibility environments and the possibilities of night vision tools.

Samu used drones in a drill

In the School of emergency SAMU are convinced of the potential use of drones in emergency situations, as they can get to provide information through cameras and other sensors to detect gases, temperature and radioactive agents, Biological and chemical (NBQ) remotely, even before the actions of the persons involved in an incident.

His commitment to this technology has led them to participate in a crisis simulation using these drones. Thus, SAMU the School of Emergencies, offering degrees related to emergencies, emergencies, disasters and humanitarian action, has received a practical lesson in crisis management austerity conditions, logistical deployment, talleres y simulacro final.

Samu used drones in a drillThis initiative has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between the SAMU and Segurdrone, security company and engineering computing contributor Caralin Group, and the company SSO Group that year joined the CTF 2014 the use of drones. Also, He has also participated in the drill Dronetools made available to the event a great display of cameras, screens, drones and pilots.

For four days, SAMU students, along with staff from other institutions, developed in the Quartering Las Canteras, belonging to the Spanish Army, practical learning activities of healthcare in difficult and precarious situations.

And, first, exercises could drone with a level of autonomy that allows them to perform tasks with minimal human intervention. "We emphasize the ability to access difficult locations, enormous use of thermal cameras in low visibility environments and locate an injured no one had seen hidden behind a wall and night vision tools. We could also check on the ground that in the initial phase of the drone deployment is faster than any terrestrial environment ", Francisco Gómez explains, director Segurdrone.

Samu used drones in a drill

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By • 23 May, 2014
• Section: Detection, Training, Urban Security