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The motion sensor and nine axes position is ideal for applications STMicroelectronics gesture control, indoor navigation, augmented reality environment and health.

STC movement and position Sensor

STMicroelectronics LSM9DS1 developed the module to detect movement and position. With improvements in performance and efficiency in a package of 3.5 x 3 mm (a 35% Unless previous generations), provides the functions required in daily gesture control, indoor navigation and augmented reality.

The LSM9DS1 integrates three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope and three-axis magnetometer, all manufactured with MEMS technology process ST. These sensors detect linear acceleration, angular rate and magnetic field data to provide motion and position sensing. The new module is integrated and synchronized to provide a true sensing of nine degrees of freedom (degree-of-freedom) instead of separate data inputs and uncoordinated.

MEMS technology ST process also helps to minimize power consumption, combined with intelligent management modes. The typical operating current is in 2 mA.

Its small size and low power consumption of sensor technology Low noise ST, contributes to increasing the use of portable devices to extend battery life between charges. Also, the high-resolution position increases the stability and precision applications such as Smart TV Remote, portable systems for sports or medical sensors.

"This tiny nine-axle module benefits from our latest MEMS technology to enable a wide variety of sensing applications of position and motion tracking devices in next-generation portable", AFIRMA Benedetto Vigna, executive vice president and general manager of the Analog Division, MEMS & Sensors STMicroelectronics.

The device has a resolution of one magnetometer 30 percent higher, Consequently the use of the technology of low noise process ST, and a 20 percent lower. On the other hand, each sensor can be powered individually with automatic wake-up, providing a more intelligent management.

Support for the family of IMU LSM6 (Inertial Measurement Units) ST six-axis simplifies the upgrade or scaling existing designs incorporate when magnetic field detection features like e-compass and guidance. Developers can now create products that combine LSM6 device with a discrete six-axis magnetometer to save space and provide an integrated solution based on LSM9DS1.

These improvements allow any portable device, como smartphones, tablets, Drivers, smart glasses ... support functions motion tracking and guidance with the highest precision.

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By • 14 May, 2014
• Section: Detection, Equipment test, Computer Security