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Swiss security company Kukelski started selling its subsidiary NagraID, specializing in integrated cards, to a group of investors, in which also includes the management team of the company itself.

Kudelski NagraID

NagraID, based manufacturer of integrated based La-Chaux-de-Fonds cards (Switzerland), It will become part of a group of investors, including its management team, after group sales agreement Kudelski, specializing in computer security, mainly in the encryption and decryption using MPEG signal an important part of digital television platforms pay per view.

Mauro Saladini, CFO of the Kudelski Group, It has been recognized that "this operation, Kudelski reaches a new milestone in the process of streamlining its supply chain. Among a number of potential buyers, We have selected the option to provide the best overall balance for all stakeholders involved. The group actively support NagraID in order to ensure a smooth transition ".

Kudelski NagraIDFor his part, Frédéric Clauss, CEO of NagraID, says the company "will evolve to ensure its long-term development as an independent entity. We intend to leverage the established path segments of the financial sector and integrated cards to further strengthen our position as the provider of smart card based on the innovation leader in the Swiss market ".

Kudelski will maintain its current share of 50% en NagraID Security, an independent company NagraID.

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By • 6 May, 2014
• Section: Business, Computer Security