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Modis Maroc Moroccan factory optimizes access control system and time with the CS-Time solution developed by Spec Group. Thus, has established eight terminals and fingerprint card.

Spec terminal CS-Time

The Spec Group has implemented, through its local partner Visual Acces, Time your system and access control in the CS-Time Modis Maroc Moroccan company.

Maroc Modis is a company that focuses on textiles, based in Fez (Morocco), responsible for the production of the German brand Triumph, which has 3.000 staff.

The specifications you made in this factory Visual Acces is controlling access to the factory 8 footprint and card terminals. Also, the system is configured over 43 aritméticos.

The arithmetic rules are a series of computer on which is available the information captured by the terminal. This is done at the level of software in order to calculate different criteria, as can be night hours, overtime with different criteria for payment, etc.. This functionality allows you to customize the system to the needs and characteristics of the client.

SPEC, company with more than 35 Years of experience, has a wide presence in North Africa. It has customers in Algeria and Tunisia, both the corporate sector and in public administration, and in Morocco in the banking sector, textile, and public sector.

Fabrica Maroc Modis

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By • 21 Apr, 2014
• Section: Case Studies, Access control, Detection, Equipment test