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Devolo has introduced its new IP camera model based on PLC dLAN LiveCam, a device that allows control of form remote what occurs in the home because makes possible connect it directly to any plug of the House and have it ready for work because is compatible with the technology PLC.


Devolo It has developed its first camera dLAN Powerline technology-based LiveCam (PLC) allowing know and control everything that happens in the home remotely. With it, You can receive the video live (streaming) and in any place on the application free dLAN Cockpit for smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to Powerline Technology, that allows the transmission of data through electrical current, do not need any wiring video or Ethernet network and thus can be solved the problems arising from bad Wifi coverage, Since the picture signal is sent with stability and safely through the electrical wiring of the building.

dLAN LiveCam can be used flexibly in any place with a wall of available electrical power outlet, whether in the lounge, in the office of House, in the garden or in the garage. Simple and quick installation, has a reach of up to 300 meters. After select the place of location to the network power and connect the camera to the network, the user can now download the dLAN Cockpit application from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). Can use are up to seven dLAN LiveCams in a domicile for a monitoring complete.

The streaming of video from LiveCam is can receive from any part in a smartphone or tablet, No matter where you find the user. The dLAN Cockpit application offers a particularly simple appearance on Smartphones. En iOS o Android tablets, This free application will be adapted to the characteristics of the screen. If is of high resolution, Cockpit dLAN detect automatically. Also, lets rewind streaming video, make screenshots and adjust the image quality.

dLAN LiveCam is can “share” through a password individualized. This enables, for example, give permission temporarily to friends for access to them LiveCams and be able to take care of the home of the user to distance. Also, several devices smart can access to a camera simultaneously so that all the family can use the network of video of the housing.


Small dimensions and adaptability

Measures of only 107 x 85 x 85 mm and integrated in the device power supply, allows discreet placement at home without bothering. In addition to position it on the table, is can be set in the ceiling or on a wall or place you a tripod in your thread female. The power cord is responsible for supplying the power and transmit the video and leaves enough room to choose the place of installation thanks to its length of 2.5 meters.

The camera head can be placed both in a vertical position as horizontal and allows individual guidance in the area of recording, allowing an adjustable angle of 0 270 °. The objective of the camera offers video 640 x 480 px, up 20 frames per second and a viewing angle lens 130. The twelve infrared LEDs provide a high quality picture, even in the dark (Night Vision) or in unfavourable light conditions.


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By • 7 Dec, 2012
• Section: Networks, CCTV