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The Catalan multinational Ficosa involved in the development of a new surveillance system that will allow control traffic on the road of Baga (Barcelona) and having a remote knowledge and real-time road conditions, owned by the Barcelona Provincial Council, each winter should disrupt traffic problems with snow.

Ficosa is developing a video surveillance system to control traffic in the town of Baga (Barcelona) powered by wind and solar energy, as reported by the company of automotive components. This is the first video surveillance camera isolated road network powered by wind and solar energy. From now, This system will allow, in adverse weather conditions, have a remote knowledge and real-time road conditions to make the right decisions on whether to discontinue traffic.

The road, owned by the Barcelona Provincial Council, suffers the characteristic problems of high mountain roads, where winter weather events, as avalanches, strong winds or accumulation of ice and snow, which often prevent the movement in safety, motivating the road closure. Far, to determine the status of the road was necessary for an operator would shift to new heights. From today this is not necessary because the project has materialized Barcelona Provincial Council to have a remote knowledge of road conditions for circulation and thus control the barrier that blocks access to the upper levels of the path correctly.

The new control system is to allow remote service request video, transmitted by mobile and can be viewed from a terminal with Internet access in the control center of the Provincial. Choosing a system power generation hybrid renewable energy system meets the installation is remote from the electricity grid. However, have sufficient autonomy to work temporarily without any generation, although it is a highly unlikely scenario.

This system, Renova engineered Uptive, Technowind consists of a vertical axis wind turbine manufactured by the Renewables Division of Ficosa group, Technological what's new and noteworthy features. On the one hand, this is a real hybrid system, since it is designed with a controller that allows battery charging with simultaneous generation of wind and photovoltaic systems. Moreover, the energy generated by solar panels and wind turbine accumulates in a battery and feeds both road surveillance cameras as telecommunications systems and sending data to the control center of the Provincial.

The advanced management system hybrid battery charging has been developed by the Division of Ficosa Group Renewable and tested for over a year, Center Testing and R & D company located in Sant Guim de Freixenet (Lleida).

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By • 14 Nov, 2012
• Section: Urban Security, CCTV