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Alava Ingenieros, specializing in advanced technologies to meet a wide range of needs in the fields of public and private security as in the fields of national defense and institutions associated company, has signed an agreement with the American company BRS Labs, Intelligent software provider behavior recognition, for the joint development of innovative solutions for video surveillance and security.

The business group specializing in high-tech solutions Alava Ingenieros has sealed an alliance with US-based Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS Labs), AISight inventors of the technology for intelligent behavior recognition in video surveillance operations. This is a totally revolutionary solution for the security sector, based video analysis systems using intelligent learning detecting threats and generating appropriate real-time alerts. This security solution, totally innovative, It is applicable to critical infrastructure protection, public safety, logistics and transportation applications, etc..

Under the agreement, Alava Ingenieros marketed from now AISight system in Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra. The signing took place at the office of the Trade Delegation of the United States Embassy in Madrid, and in it were present John Frazzini, BRS Labs President; Isabel Tarodo, CEO of Safety Engineers Álava; and José Fernández, Business Development Manager Alava Ingenieros; with Keith Silver, Commercial Officer Sales Office of the Embassy of the United States, witness.

From left to right, Keith Silver, Commercial Officer Sales Office of the Embassy of the United States; Isabel Tarodo, CEO of Safety Engineers Álava; Luis Coello, European Director of Sales & Marketing of BRS Labs; John Frazzini, BRS Labs President; and José Fernández, Business Development Manager Alava Ingenieros.

John Frazzini ha commented: “The behavior recognition is the only intelligent video surveillance solution that increases the value of security infrastructures as those developed Alava Ingenieros. Together, represent a choice of cutting-edge knowledge of the situation through the security. Our customers will see more and see you soon. We are proud to work with Álava, and hope to achieve mutual success”, President indicated BRS Labs, also highlighted the fact that it is the first trade agreement signed your company in Spain and Europe.

For his part, Isabel said Tarodo: “We have almost 40 years helping business organizations and public sector agencies to protect transportation facilities and critical infrastructure against attacks or misuse. The revolutionary approach BRS Labs brings artificial intelligence to video surveillance, that will help our customers to recognize potential threats faster and more accurately than before. Together, we can provide threat recognition and response in real-time scalable, it will be a great benefit to our clients as we continue to improve the security of its facilities”.

Finally, José Fernández stressed that “Alava Ingenieros we continue to invest in new technologies and R & D, and BRS Labs provides responsive to the issues raised by the video analysis software Video Analytics solution”.

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By • 14 Nov, 2012
• Section: Business