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Investigation, computer manufacturer owned by Grupo El Corte Ingles, has added to its product a new work station highly reliable and highly scalable, Inves Aneto-WS150, specially designed for digital signage applications.

Investigation He has presented Inves Aneto-WS150, a Workstation of high performance and high scalability to carry to out them tasks more demanding, as well as future updates. Especially recommended for graphic design environments, Digital Signage, surveillance, editing of video and in general, for all of those sectors in which it is necessary to visualize simultaneously several screens, Inves Aneto-WS150, It includes a commitment to 24 X 24 which ensures a functioning at the highest level without turning off the computer.

This new Research Workstation is easily adaptable to the requirements of users, by what these not be altered their processes of work. High performance and capacity for customization, they are some of the distinguishing elements of this new equipment designed by Inves, that is presented with the new system operating from Microsoft, Windows 8, mounted on disk SSD.

Ability to multi-task and unprecedented scalability

Inves has designed its new Workstation, not only as a team to work and manage tasks. Your ability to multitask, its high performance and great potential, They allow you to work equally as server. The new Inves Aneto-WS150 offers great flexibility and ability for future updates and presents itself as a key tool to improve production processes.

Inves has managed to combine maximum power, reliability and stability with deep knowledge of each component, the Assembly care and safety testing prior to production implementation. Thereby, the signature Spanish presents a season of working powerful, adjusted cost and with wide possibilities of configuration that has a direct impact on improving the productivity of companies and which admits a maximum level of customization.

Bet on the graphical power among their main technical qualities

The graphical power has been a key element in the development of the new Inves Aneto-WS150 arising with integrated graphics processor, compatible with multi VGA and DVI ports output, with a resolution of 1920×1200. It has a maximum shared memory of 1024 MB and is compatible with CUDA, with multi GPU and with AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX.

The base of the new Inves Aneto-WS150 plate incorporates the Soket 1155 for processors Intel Core of third generation and chipset Intel C216. ISV certification and graphic cores embedded in E3-12 processors×5 v2 are ideal for Workstation configurations, and software such as Autodesk® AutoCAD 2013.

The new workstation Inves incorporates an Intel C216 controller chipset and includes 2 6 Gb SATA ports and 4 of 3 GB for faster recovery of data. This team works with double the bandwidth of current bus systems and supports RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10.

As for his memory capacity, It is important to note that the Inves Aneto-WS150 has of 4 banks in Dual-Channel DDR3-1600 DIMM memory modules / 1333, maximum capacity of 32GB and dual-channel architecture. Your computer supports up to 4 Hot Swap disks and offers support for SSDS.

High speed and high capacity storage technology Intel

The new workstation of Inves, take advantage of the latest technology from Intel to provide the user with, greater speed and storage capacity. On the one hand, the new Inves Aneto WS150 incorporates "Intel Smart Response" which improves the overall performance of the system. For this, incorporates a fast SSD memory (with a minimum of 120GB) as a cache for data that is accessed on a regular basis. The combination of SSD memory and storage capacity offering the hard disk, make that these plates base work four times more quickly that those systems that include only a disc hard conventional.

On the other hand, the new Research Workstation is marketed as "Intel Rapid Start" that allows you to resume the team instantly from the State of hibernation. And, At last, Inves Aneto-WS150, It includes the "Intel Smart Connect" technology that facilitates the automatic update of the applications, reducing the wait time. Thereby, teams can receive updates of contents for certain applications even if they are in a State of suspension. This, In addition to reduce the waits related with the update of applications, improves synchronization of content in the cloud and, ultimately, offers a more efficient computing experience.

New Inves Workstation also stresses its energy efficiency by using an innovative technology that allows the monitoring and the automatic adjustment of energy delivery for the CPU, card VGA, hard drives and CPU fans and chassis. This mode saves energy and money, reduce the added noise and prolonging the service life of components.

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By • 8 Nov, 2012
• Section: Infrastructure