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Philips Avent, the mark of the Dutch multinational consumer electronics and lighting specializing in products and accessories for babies, has a new digital baby monitor with camera, the SCD610, that allows being in direct contact with the baby, without interference and safely. Has a range of 150 meters and you can connect up to four cameras on the parent unit to choose the best viewing angle.

The new baby monitor SCD610 of Philips Avent allows parents to address the security and welfare of your baby from anywhere in the house, through an LCD shielding of 2,4 inches with day and night vision. So, you can see the baby to full color by using infrared day and overnight.

For peace of mind, the screen is automatically activated when noise is recorded in the nursery. Its range is 150 meters and with panoramic view and the optical zoom you can see everything that makes the baby. The digital technology enables a secure and private connection with your baby at all times, because it has an automatic channel selection, login and low battery.

Additional camera for new family members

The additional camera Philips Avent SCD609 can add more cameras to baby monitor SDC610 as the family grows to a total of 4. Listening suggestions from consumers, Philips has designed this new baby monitor camera making it suitable for hanging on the wall or placed on a surface from which the optimum viewing angle is taken. The parent unit incorporates a color screen 2,4 inches from where you can select the desired camera zoom and also thanks to its zoom function.

It is easy to install and visualization. In this manner, can monitor different rooms of the house or several children, and has a range of 150 meters, allowing you to see the baby both day and night, by infrared.

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By • 12 Apr, 2012
• Section: General