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Visitor is a communication system connected to your iPhone or iPad for viewing, immediately, who is knocking on the door, able to speak or open via smartphone or tablet.

The German technology automation solutions, Visiomatic, He has released Visitor, video monitoring system integrated access on the iPhone and iPad that lets you open the door, control access to the house and talk to the visitor. The Visitor system is activated automatically when someone calls videoportero. The display of smartphone or tablet you can see the image of the door, visitors listen and talk to him directly. Allows, also, accept the call or unlock the door with the green button, as usual on the iPhone, or end the call with the red button. This system allows, also, monitor different cameras of a video surveillance system, can view up 4 devices simultaneously.

The Visitor system consists of a compact controller (25x7x8 cm) and a free downloadable application on the iTunes appStore, that connects easily to the analog output of the video door. You just need an outlet and a WiFi connection to the system.

Adaptable and easy

Visitor fits any door entry and is compatible with most access control systems. Communication with your smartphone or tablet is via the WiFi connection. Anywhere in the home, Visitor is prepared where the WiFi signal range. Through internet you can also adjust the multi-configuration, parameters of video or video door intercom systems.

In the basic version of Visitor can be used to 56 devices (iPads / iPhones) to control the input. If you need to add new phones or tablets, can be done through additional licenses, without hardware changes. The Visitor application is available as a universal app for iPhone3GS and above and all versions of iPad with iOS 4.3. The application is available on the iTunes appStore for free.

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By • 9 Apr, 2012
• Section: General