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New intelligent maps for Esri ArcGIS platform connect emergency services in real time to prevent and respond to disasters and conflicts.

ESRI arcGis Smart communitiesGeographic information systems specialist (GIS) ESRI It has improved its ArcGIS platform solution Safe Communities, improving communication and information in real time of the various agents of emergency disaster-oriented, multitudinous events, border control, etc..

The Safe Communities solution facilitates and speeds up the process of decision-making in such critical situations, where the time spent can involve economic loss and even human lives, Since it allows emergency centres and field staff are coordinated in an agile way, sharing and analyzing data in real time for better decision making.

ArcGIS for Safe Communities can be used in any of the four phases of emergency management: prevention, response, mitigation and recovery. For example, through the analysis of historical data, it is possible to develop predictive models to assess the potential impact of a future event, assisting in the tasks of prevention.

Tecnosylva Wildfire Analyst Esri smart communitiesAlso, It is possible to mitigate natural disasters in the same moment in which they are produced, collecting information in real time allowing analyze different magnitudes in real time, as the location of a fire, the wind speed or the location of the deployed response teams.

Proof of its efficiency is the use of ArcGIS to combat pests and harmful species, as in the case of the city of Madrid; or to detect areas with high probability of fire in the case of the consistory of Barcelona and in the community of Andalusia, where the forest used it to manage the fire that devastated part of the Doñana National Park last year.

Another possible is that private companies can develop new solutions using ArcGIS as a technology-based, with applications as diverse as the analysis of the behaviour of forest fires and their propagation simulation, as the case of the system is Wildfire Analyst of Tecnosylva.

As says Álvaro Martin, manager executive of Esri Spain public administration industry, "technology has to be scalable and flexible to respond to an emergency, providing Exchange of data in real time and ensuring fast and accurate decision-making in any of the phases of an emergency, and by any of the multiple agencies involved in their management".

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By • 10 Apr, 2018
• Section: Control Systems, Urban Security, Services